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OpenJDK のビルドについて(Build Instructions)


(#Under Construction)


ビルド時の設定を変えることで, デバッグ情報を付けることもできる (内部をいじる時には jvmg 等が便利).

    ((cite: hotspot/make/linux/Makefile))
    # debug*     - "thin" libjvm_g - debug info linked into the gamma_g launcher
    # fastdebug* - optimized compile, but with asserts enabled
    # jvmg*      - "fat" libjvm_g - debug info linked into libjvm_g.so
    # optimized* - optimized compile, no asserts
    # profiled*  - gprof
    # product*   - the shippable thing:  optimized compile, no asserts, -DPRODUCT


This document is available under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2.