定義場所(file name)



// Returns true if m must be compiled before executing it
// This is intended to force compiles for methods (usually for
// debugging) that would otherwise be interpreted for some reason.

名前(function name)

bool CompilationPolicy::must_be_compiled(methodHandle m, int comp_level) {


  {- -------------------------------------------
  (1) 以下のどれかに該当すれば true を返す. それ以外の場合は false を返す.
      ---------------------------------------- -}

      if (m->has_compiled_code()) return false;       // already compiled
      if (!can_be_compiled(m, comp_level)) return false;

      return !UseInterpreter ||                                              // must compile all methods
             (UseCompiler && AlwaysCompileLoopMethods && m->has_loops() && CompileBroker::should_compile_new_jobs()); // eagerly compile loop methods

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